Congress warned of GPS vulnerabilities
2017-08-29 17:03:13

“We need to control the manufacture and web sale of [GPS] jammers, which is pretty unabated right now,” retired U.S. Coast Guard Adm. Thad Allen testified March 29 before a joint hearing on space threats and the implications for homeland security. Credit: House Homeland Security Committee video

WASHINGTON — The U.S. Global Positioning System can be disrupted too easily and needs better protection, experts testified during a March 29 congressional hearing on space threats and the implications for homeland security.


The importance of anti-jamming tracker

What is anti tracker?

At the beginning I think it is a shielded GPS locator device. And then through the search and consultation, it was surprised to find understanding of the contrary, anti-GPS locator is a set of anti-detection, anti-shield, anti-demolition, anti-interference and other functions in an upgraded version of GPS locator. Its full name should be "anti-detection GPS locator".

How Anti-GPS locator was born?

Because the ordinary GPS locator only has the function of positioning and anti-theft, but there is protection of their own skills, which results in its signal is often shielded by criminals malicious use of shielding equipment, so that the locator can not continue to locate jobs.
Thus, in order to improve the positioner's self-protection ability to keep its market position, for the existing common disease, anti-GPS locator is necessarily appeared.


How does the anti-GPS locator achieve anti-detection?

The device of shielding signal currently can only one-time shield GPS signal. Therefore, anti-GPS locator no longer use a single positioning mode, but more than two positioning methods to locate, and the most common is the GPS + LBS dual mode positioning.
When the GPS signal is blocked, the locator can not find the GPS, switching to the LBS continuous positioning, which is anti-detection function. A little higher class anti-GPS positioning device, can sense the GPS signal suddenly disappears,
automatically realizing that someone is using the shielding device, then it will immediately send the corresponding alarm information to the owner, causing the owner to pay attention.



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