2017-09-06 17:03:58
ON Sept. 4th , the eve of international Charity Day, in order to give this group more help and care and reduce the rate of autistic children lost, the charity foundation of Liaoning province started "Let the Stars no longer get lost" public welfare activities, the first batch of free distribution of 50 GPS locators.
At present, there are 1.6 million autistic children, like the stars in the sky, flashing alone in the distant, dark night sky. Although the guardians of autistic children most of the time "tighten a string", as far as possible to keep the child, but in recent years, autism events have occurred in autistic children, bringing unimaginable pain to many families.


The GPS locator sent for autistic children in this public welfare activities is as big as rubber. Parents can check the location of the wearer via mobile phone app, SMS, micro-letter, PC, and other methods at any time. It is worth mentioning that, the locator is equipped with SOS Help key, long press can dial the Guardian telephone for help. In addition, the equipment also has the electronic fence function, the equipment exceeds the setting range will trigger the alarm, automatically reports to the Guardian, and also has the trajectory inquiry and the navigation tracing function, by which guardian not only can inquire the wearer to walk through the track, but also can search the equipment location to carry on the navigation search.
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