The best place to install the car GPS locator
2017-09-21 14:07:37
How to install Car GPS locator? Which location signal is the best? There are very car owners do not know how to install the tracker in the car? And then they casually throw it in the hidden corner, which is wrong.
1.       To ensure that the direction: The device has a GSM antenna and GPS antenna. Therefore, the installation should ensure that the front up (towards the sky), toward the sky side of the metal do not close to the internal GPS antenna, to avoid affecting the signal.
2.       To avoid the use of external power supply: Plug-in power car GPS locator must access the car power can work 24 hours. Because it must be connected with the car power supply, the difference between the general plug-in locator, and it is not recommended to use plug-in power.
3.       To ensure adequate power: to avoid the GPS locator power is too low. Battery power is too low, likely to cause drift, deviation and other results, so the wireless device should be charged in time to avoid the lack of electricity caused by positioning problems are not allowed.
4.       Away from interference: to prevent conduction interference and radiation interference to avoid with the launch source together, such as wireless reversing radar, anti-theft, car audio and video and intercom and other electronic equipment, and other automotive communications equipment;, will reduce the GPS receiver signal, Causing the vehicle GPS locator to work abnormally
5.       The impact of weak: GPS locator can not be suspended in the long-term vibration of the larger position, it is recommended to use a cable tie, or 3M Velcro strong double-sided adhesive paste stability, except for strong magnetic adsorption;
6.       High temperature / low temperature performance: electronic products have a working temperature range, such as a brand of long standby positioner A5C-3, the operating temperature range is -25 ℃ ~ +75 ℃. If beyond this range, it will produce malfunction. Some owners directly install GPS locator near the roof or exhaust pipe in the car, which is very undesirable in the summer. In the sun, the roof temperature may reach 80-100 degrees or higher, remote equipment can withstand Range, serious damage to equipment. The same reason in low temperature weather. When the ambient temperature exceeds the normal operating temperature range of the terminal, it is recommended to power off.

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