SEEWORLD GPS Vehicle Tracker:Security Guards in the Logistics Industry
2017-10-11 16:10:02
  It was reported before that a courier lost his car just leaving for a moment to go upstairs and send a express.Netizens’comments are very interesting,some of whom blamed on the courier’s negligence.Few condemn the thief without morality.
  Inviolability of private property,the theft was a serious mistake.However,it also reflected that we should take good action to protect our private property to avoid loss.
  We have no way to know who stole it and the exact time of this theft accident,because there was no monitoring in the community.In accordance with the company regulations,the cost of the loss of goods is required by courier himself.More unfortunately,the total value of all express reached tens of thousands of yuan.
  According to the reporter interviewing other courier,found the lost phenomenon is not rare,but have occurred commonly.They said that it can’t catch back without monitor,they usually rely on the lock car lock the door,but occasionally doesn’t work,which is easy to open.
  Since the ordinary lock has been unable to withstand the thief unlock technology,why not try a smart lock?
  SEEWORLD GPS locator,different from the previous anti-theft High-tech,the price of a set is within 200 yuan.It is not afraid to forget to lock the car,SEEWORLD GPS positioning device using GPS satellites for accurate positioning of vehicles,anytime,anywhere can lock the vehicle location.If the car is stolen,it must be can found back.
  In the upstairs to send pieces,we can open the state of security by the use of mobile phone.Once the vehicle has shaken or be moved arbitrarily,your mobile phone will immediately receive the alarm message sent by the GPS locator.
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