The advent of the 4G era of smart cars become a reality
2017-08-23 14:15:01



Car networking, intelligent driving, unmanned, these feelings in the future of science and technology, the key words, in fact, has come to our side. In early 2014 CES Electronics Show in the United States, from IT and Internet vendors have these products in the booth to visit, GOOGLE, Mercedes Benz have been tested in unmanned, apple CARPLAY, Tesla Motors and other intelligent interconnection is already ready.
However, when it comes to car interconnection and intelligent driving, the most important is the network connection and control, especially for real-time traffic conditions, real-time map, real-time communication, real-time entertainment has a clear requirement. Previously due to network problems, not to say the car, the application of smart phones have encountered a bottleneck. However, with the arrival of the era of 4G, this bottleneck has been solved, and the original is ready to prepare the hardware equipment, the new era of intelligent interconnect car will soon come.
4G+ Android intelligent system = unlimited entertainment and instant messaging
With China Mobile to lower the cost of 4G (from the current 4G tariff point of view, the overall price of moving better, mobile official website), plus more favorable not to change the price of the upgrade, 4G really can be gradually popularized. So intelligent car system can also bring more likely through the 4G, we can basically think in the car with a tailor-made tablet PC.
From the atlas and video, we can see that 4G is driving a lot more fun, and 4G mobile phone as a hotspot, also can let this only belong to a person's entertainment into a bunch of friends of entertainment and sharing, make travel more exciting.
4G era will be unified in IOS and Android.
Now the major car brands, car manufacturers, IT manufacturers have started to publish or update their car smart Internet system (formerly interactive system upgrade), such as the BMW iDrive, Mercedes Benz COMAND, Audi MMI, already supports 3G network, also have some intelligence operations, but it still belongs to the separatist warlords situation. This separatist warlords situation is a bit like the mobile phone market, Apple has just come out, Ann Zhuogang out, the market is Microsoft's CE, NOKIA's Symbian, and its own brand of various operating system. However, rich software and open system for ANDROID, IOS final victory.
Editors believe that in the automotive market, there will be such a pattern. Because we are so used to mobile phone operation, intelligent interconnection system of automobile should be a smart mobile phone personal terminal extension, either BMW or Benz or Audi, should be developed on the basis of the system based on Android (IOS do not open because of the law), as the Samsung, SONY and some of the domestic mobile phone, has its own UI and exclusive features, but also based on the system of Android.
In the end, IOS and Android will continue to be the ultimate system of automotive intelligent interconnection systems, and the link between these two systems and 4G compatibility is very good. 4G brings mobile broadband is really let the car intelligent interconnected system to accelerate the maturity of the hard conditions, such as the rapid development of the Internet is due to ADSL brings a higher bandwidth, so that we can do more things. The arrival of 4G, so that we can do more in the car things, whether it is through the phone's 4G hot, or directly to the 4G card inserted into the machine.


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