New year's Day holiday notice


  According to the state regulations and combining the actual situation,SEEWORLD Technology Co.,Ltd.2018 New Year’s Day specific arrangements are as follows:
  Holiday time:Jan 1st,2018(Monday)for the holiday period,
  Working hours:Jan.2nd,2018(Tuesday)for official working hours.
  Note:If you want to stock or other business arrangements,please prepare ahead!
  Warm reminder:Value every holiday period,the public place most people miscellaneous road crowded,go out to pay special attention to safety,keep good belongings!
  Thank you for your support all along!I wish new and old customers,distributors,agents and partners to spend a peaceful peace of the National Day,the mid-Autumn holiday!At the same time I wish the company all the best of luck,well-being!
  Guangzhou SEEWORLD Technology Co.,Ltd.