SEEWORLD Holiday Notice of Dragon Boat Festival
2018-06-13 14:31:37
  According to the national holiday regulations in 2018 for Dragon Boat Festival holiday,SEEWORLD company’s holiday arrangement as follows:
  HOLIDAY TIME:From 6-16-2018(Saturday)to 6-18-2018(Monday),total 3 days;
  WORKING HOURS:6-19-2018(Friday)for official working hours.
  Warm reminder:
  1.If you want to stock or other business arrangements,please prepare ahead!In this period,any questions,please call the salesman what you contact before.Thank you so much for your understanding
  2.The weather is changeable.Please pay attention to the weather changes and pay attention to the heatstroke prevention.
  3.Value every holiday period,the public place most people miscellaneous road crowded,go out to pay special attention to safety,keep good belongings!
  Thank you very much for your consistent support to SEEWORLD company,wish you all Happy Dragon Boat Festival!
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