What is the electronic fence function of GPS locator?
2017-10-23 14:08:30

  The working principle of the electronic fence:The locator forms a front-end detection fence,which generates and receives the high-voltage pulse signal,when the signal encounters the front-end detection fence to form the net,short-circuit,the circuit breaker,it will produce the alarm signal.
  Electronic fence is a high frequent used function of user,often used in the transport of banknotes,paddy,dangerous goods vehicles and other safe transportation industry,but also in logistics,public transport,tourism,business vehicles,financial credit and other industries.As long as the service platform or mobile phone app software to set the fence range,once the vehicle go beyond this range,the platform and mobile phones can receive alarm information,standardizing the fleet management.
  Electronic fences are used not just to plan itineraries,but in the financial-credit sector,it is often used to circumvent risk.Car lending companies tend to use electronic fences to set up a suitable fence of the location of other financial leasing companies,when the user wants to go to other mortgages to make a second bet,it will trigger the fence alarm,which reminds the company of taking immediate measures to prevent bad debts.
  Electronic fences not only plays an important role in the field of professional industry,but also makes vehicle management more convenient in daily life.For example,in the strange location parking or out of the tourist parking,if the car parking location is not safe enough,you can set the scope of the fence by the electronic fence function.Once the car is illegally launched and out of the fence range,the owner can immediately receive alerts to ensure the safety of vehicles.
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