How to achieve indoor positioning?
2017-10-23 14:16:59
With rapid development of Technology, GPS positioning technology becomes mature rapidly, widely used in engineering survey, aerial photography, the Earth plate movement monitoring and many other areas, having a pivotal role.
At present, the difficulty of hindering researchers to broaden the service area of ​​GPS positioning technology is to break the shortcomings of GPS positioning technology itself.
GPS positioning carries out the work of the United States by receiving GPS signals, while satellite signals are extremely susceptible to external factors, so it must be seen in the sky outside to achieve the strong enough local satellite signal. In the room, because the venue is not open, coupled with the barrier of reinforced concrete wall panels, GPS satellite signal is very weak or even completely unable to receive, it can not complete the positioning.

Why should we break the "indoor positioning" of the difficulties? What convenience can indoor positioning bring for all industries, various areas ?
The first is the fire disaster relief. When the firefighters braved the risks into the fire, if the fireman's body can be used to wear the positioner, off-site staffs will be able to locate the location of firefighters, fire work visualization. If the firefighters in the face of danger and emergency situations, the outside commander can also be based on positioning to find the firefighters, or can be deployed in time to support the nearest staff. Therefore, indoor positioning work is significant.

Followed by the regulatory significance of hospitals and prisons. As for the prison, if the prisoners escape, how to recover? If we install the positioning of the bracelet, anklet and other items which are difficult to disassemble on the prisoners, while the software set up a range of his free activities, once with the positioning of the bracelet left the scope of this activity, the monitoring platform will automatically issue Jailbreak alarm, then, we can easily catch the fugitive according to the hands of the ring to continue positioning
There are many application scenarios similar to the indoor positioning, such as airport security, factory pipeline supervision, and even in Dalian Wanda introducing indoor positioning services, which achieves that users in what type of store, what container stay longer, these data can be effectively statistics, and businesses can be based on these considerations how to optimize the internal structure and marketing.
In order to achieve accurate indoor positioning, GPS satellite positioning alone is not enough. Only combining Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, infrared, ultra-wideband, RFID, ZigBee and ultrasonic positioning methods, can we break through the satellite positioning defects, to achieve accurate indoor positioning.

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