The Determinant of GPS Positioning Effect: the Chip
2017-10-23 14:15:32
  The owner can view the vehicle location information installed GPS tracker through the network or mobile phone at any time. While GPS locator is able to locate where the car is, because the built-in GPS positioning chip.

  GPS positioning chip is a special technology chip, mainly used in location positioning. At the same time, it is also a key part of the GPS global positioning system. The performance of chip determines the actual effect of positioning terminal and performance of products, which is the main factor of the locator, so it directly related to the positioning of GPS positioning products and development prospects.

  From the development trend of GPS locator can be seen, the product is getting smaller and smaller, which makes GPS positioning chip should achieve a step forward of the technology to shrink in size , both for GPS positioning system or GPS positioning products,

  "Miniaturization" is an important direction for the development of the locator. To achieve "miniaturization" requires GPS chip to be small, but the most important factor should be the chip power consumption. Because, apart from a GPS locator, the largest part of the device is not the GPS positioning chip and communication module chip, but the battery.

  In short, the larger the battery consumption of the positioning chip and the communication chip is, the larger the battery will be. 

  In the current market, the lowest energy consumption chip is the " third-generations of chips", the most common " third-generations of chips" including the United States Sirf, SONY chip and Switzerland NEMERIX chip, which are similar.

     Compared to the second-generation chips, the third-generations of chips consumes lower power, while the chip's volume has also been reduced, and three generations of chip anti-jamming capability has been improved.

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