Experience of SEEWORLD GPS Locator System Platform
2017-10-23 13:54:38
SEEWORLD GPS platform software interface is very simple, easy to understand. It can achieve real-time your car's position query. After all the installation procedures, you are able to use this powerful positioner. When the car is in special circumstances, reaching the alarm level, such as starting, moving, etc., the client will receive a mobile alarm reminder, which can the show when and where the device is moving.

Let's take a look at another interesting feature: track playback. The operation is also very simple and convenient. We can set the beginning and end time and select the road line to watch the driving track. In fact, it can be almost equal to the GPS navigation. This function provides normal, fast, express three kinds of playback speed, and your driving speed and the parking waiting time will be displayed one by one on the map.
The locator can automatically take the track apart into several segmentation, and supports the segmented play. The user can only view one of the tracks which part need to be played back, as well can also operate according to the map instruction at the same time.
After the track playback, we look at another feature is the electronic fence, that in the end what is the electronic fence? Do not worry, the editor will explain for you one by one. The electronic fence is an intrusion prevention and defense fence, which can be sent to the security department monitoring equipment through the electronic pulse to ensure that managers can keep abreast of the alarm area, to make the rapid processing.


The SEEWORLD platform provides a rectangular and round fence setting, which can also be set the entering fence alarm and getting out fence alarm, very detailed. In the fence settings, the user can also set the specific distance or range, according to demand. So-called fence alarm function refers to when positioning the phone exceeds the distance, or the range, the client can receive the relevant alarm.
In a simple point that is the user can create a car fence, once the vehicle left the range, the mobile phone APP and the WEB will issue an alarm. Even if the user vehicle is lost, the location of the car can be grasped by the location tracking function, so that the owners can grasp the details of the vehicle stolen time, which can help users provide the pursuit of the line, allowing users to find the car in the shortest possible time.

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