GPS Tracking for car rental
2017-10-23 13:58:04

With the development of the IOT, car rental is becoming more and more popular. How to manage these cars? We have an idea of GPS vehicle tracker.
Renting a car is the go-to solution for travelers that don’t want to put mileage on their own vehicle, but also don’t want to pay to fly. Owners of rental company also know that there are a lot that come along with these renters to use their cars. You may meet the follows:
reckless driving
drive to another place where do not include in the contract
do not return the car in time
Over driving
…. ……
To protect the most valuable property, you need a solution to monitor and protect these rented cars. Let me explain a few ways of GPS tracking for car rental.
1) Live tracking
Rental companies can track all their cars in a live, 3G map, even if the car is stolen, it is able to know the exact location and take a positive action.
2) Geo fence & POI
The contract indicated that the client can drive the car from a specified route: Hollywood-China town-Eagle Rock. If he goes to Downtown, alert active and notification will be shown.
3) Working time & RFID control
The biggest trouble is that renters may not return the car in time, that increase the cost. Working time feature allows you to set rental time for each car, and RFID can control the car when the time is up.
For example:
Rental period: 10 days.
When client sign the contract, rental company offers a car and RFID tag. The client must use this tag to active the car, at the same time, start counting down.
When the time is up, GPS tracker will block the engine, client can not start the car, even he has the key.
4) driving report
All the events caused by bad driving will be shown in this report, as well as client information. This report is a reference or prove, you can know who should take responsibility to the accident.
There are more ways of GPS tracking for car rental, like car rental time setting, renew the lease by air, etc. If you need more details, please contact with us :
With the help of GPS vehicle tracker, the car rental company can manage cars conveniently and efficiently. Recently, we have improved our hot sale product SO8V, which was produced with the following functions. Click to know more:

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