Installation position of Vehicle GPS Tracker
2017-11-03 17:55:37
  Where is the best installation position of vehicle GPS tracker?The car where the most suitable for the installation of GPS tracker?Then,let us take a look at it!
  GPS tracker usually used in car anti-theft,it although can realize car anti-theft,car stolen back,but it is not as strong as the lock,it can easily be pulled down.So when installing,always pay some attention to hide it deep,lest GPS tracker exposed,be pulled down.In the present markets,we have wire GPS tracker and wireless GPS tracker.The difference of installations as below:
  One,Installation position of Wire Vehicle GPS Tracker
  Most users use the wired GPS tracker,because it can rely on the power line of the car for its power supply,can always look at the location of the vehicle,real-time positioning.
  The cable is generally installed GPS tracker in the decorative plate,roof lamp and front windshield plate on the wheel under.Because these places are near the power supply wire,can provide a common power supply cable locator.Moreover,the two places under the steering wheel and the windshield are blocked by the decorative plate,and the two places are difficult to handle because of the complicated disassembly and assembly,so it is relatively hidden and safe.
  Second,Installation position of Wireless Vehicle GPS Tracker
  Some users worry about the thief is easy to find trackers according to the cable,so they will be careful install the wireless GPS tracker in the car that won't let a person find.
  There are a lot of recommended installation locations for wireless GPS trackers,such as AB column,seat underneath,front and rear bumpers,left and right door interior,etc..Can be said to be almost like how to hide how Tibet,where the cover is where to hide.Because the wireless GPS tracker does not have to consider wiring problems,as long as the installation of sufficient signal position can be.
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