Four reasons for the use of the GPS tracker for truck fleet management
2017-12-20 11:33:40
  It is very advantageous to use the GPS tracker to locate the vehicle,and the advantage of the team from the GPS tracker is more than you can imagine.The following are four reasons:
  One-Improve the productivity
  If the employee knows that the boss may be staring at himself at all times,he is sure to be afraid to slow down and work harder.And the GPS tracker has such effect and effect.
  Two-Ensure traffic safety
  The GPS tracker can monitor the speed and the driving time of the freight car in real time.Once the driver of the truck has the behavior of speeding or driving fatigue,the GPS tracker will send the alarm message to the manager at the first time,so as to ensure the safety of driving.
  Three-Quick dispatch of vehicles
  The GPS tracker can locate all vehicles,as long as there is a car there is damage or because other causes can not continue to transport goods,managers can use GPS positioning platform(Itrack platform)to view other distance truck accident truck recently,will help other trucks quickly over scheduling.
  Four-driver evaluation
  The GPS tracker automatically uploads all the driving data,including the number of trucks,mileage,speed,alarm records and so on.Managers can use these data to comprehensively evaluate drivers'driving behavior,and find the best drivers to reward them,so as to improve their overall work enthusiasm.
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