Platform for fleet management
2018-10-26 17:12:49
  For many companies, the rational management and maintenance of commercial vehicles is a key factor in their business success, many business owners and management teams turn to GPS trackers and fleet management platform to manage their vehicles and staff easily.
  Fast tracking capability
  Choose a platform that can provide real time tracking and data updating a short time interval to manage our fleet. In order to get the fastest feedback and Most accurate location, we should choose a platform which can refresh data every five to ten seconds.
  Collect and report data
  In addition to fast GPS data updates, fleet management platform and devices should be able to automatically record and store various other data. Owners should be able to collect information such as speed, fuel consumption, vehicle use (start/stop), maintenance history, idle time, route deviation, etc.
  Data access and compatibility devices
  Driver, manager and other staff should be able to conveniently and quickly access the fleet management system whenever necessary.
  Acquiring cutting-edge technology
  WhatsGPS provide the most advanced technology, flexible network interface, real-time updating. “WhatsGPS” help businesses from all walks of life to crack down on misconduct, improve fuel efficiency and ensure asset safety. 
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