Turnkey Solution

Turnkey Solution

Vehicle Management of Dangerous Goods in Anhui Province

In order to prevent accidents of dangerous goods vehicles, the provincial government of Anhui Province mandatory requirements of the city's dangerous goods vehicles to install GPS monitoring system,
Real-time monitoring of the city's dangerous goods transport vehicles to protect the lives and property of the public safety! I was the Secretary for dangerous goods vehicles gps terminal products suppliers
One of the city has thousands of dangerous goods transport vehicles using the company's equipment!




Ukrainian Engineering Vehicle Management Company

The Ukrainian government and local enterprises and I started the Secretary for many years of friendly cooperation, engineering vehicles and municipal vehicles fully installed Sword GPS
Positioning and fuel sensors, greatly enhance the local enterprises of Ukraine's vehicle management and operation level, while saving the fuel costs, regulate the
Operation mode, greatly improving the work efficiency. Indeed a "win-win" way of cooperation!


Guangzhou Freight Company

Logistics and transportation need to strictly control the route, improve efficiency, logistics is to fight the speed and accuracy, how to use modern technology to improve service standards?
Logistics enterprises are very concerned about. After the installation of Swatch GPS truck management system, standardize the delivery routes, improve efficiency.



Dongying Taxi Company in Shandong Province

Dongying City, Shandong Province, the introduction of taxi companies, Sword GPS terminal products and system monitoring software to solve business scheduling problems, effectively improve
Taxi operating efficiency, to protect the safety of driver passengers! Standard industry service standards!



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