Car loan financial industry solutions

False information

Clients with premeditated fraud tend to cheat on personal information and vehicle information at the beginning. Whenever a risk controller follows the address of a customer's registration, it is often found that no one is there.


Strict information auditing is as important as the GPS data audit.GPS locator provides permanent residence of the vehicle for car loan industry whether customers have false information is a very important reference basis.

Person and car all disappear

To avoid repayment, Some of them will play with risk controllers to "disappear." phone can not be reached, we can’t find him at home and company, even the car disappeared.


Well-equipped GPS risk control management plan, real time tracking, real time monitoring, it is found that high-risk vehicles also report to risk control personnel. Car never “disappear”.

Car is detain,pass on

Some clients maintain normal repayment procedures within a few months of the loan.But just after the risk controller relaxed his guard, the vehicle was taken out by two or more people.


GPS car loan risk control scheme connotation comprehensive the second bet, pledge site database, can provide the car loan industry to provide the perfect electronic fence and point line alarm system.Once the vehicle is in a multi-bet, second-hand area, the risk controller can immediately be alerted.

lack of vehicle management system

Some car loan companies can only see borrowers and mortgage vehicles when they are in the loan business. After sign the business contract. The car loan company has no choice but to find a car by address and telephone.


It is imperative to introduce sound GPS vehicle management system, to regulate vehicles in a unified manner. Use the monitoring system to prevent the occurrence of risks such as swindle and loan.

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