Taxi risk control solutions

Driver safety problem

Taxi liquidity customers large and complex, and it is 24 hours operation, easy to become the object of DaoQiang, therefore the taxi industry has also been included in the high-risk industry.


Install GPS emergency alarm device, the driver after press the alarm button for emergency , the GPS locator will automatically dial the SOS number, for the driver to give relief, can also provide monitoring obtains evidence and take pictures function.

Vehicle scheduling problem

Vast taxi industry services, when somewhere rental cars is less, the user can't take taxi as planning, lead to dissatisfaction with the taxi industry.


Managers on GPS system platform can clear the distribution of various provinces and regions in the taxi, found the vehicle distribution and scheduling work can be in a timely manner.

Service quality problem

Sometimes the customer will complain about the some driver service attitude is bad, collect fees in disorder and so on, but there has been no evidence investigation.


Using GPS taxi management system, the system can automatic recording, statistics, provide strong evidence for complaint investigation.

Driver benefit calculation

The taxi industry to welfare incentive way by providing excellent driver, stimulate staff's work enthusiasm, but couldn't find a suitable reward standard.


GPS locator system can record the taxi driver's record, statistics overspeed alarm, driving time, and so on , this information can provide reference data for employee welfare mechanism.

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