Bus risk control management

Driver improper operation

Bus drivers drive specification is the first premise of ensure the safety of the passengers, in the event of misconduct, such as speeding will harm the passenger safety.


Build a bus real-time monitoring system and establish a overspeed alarm function, as long as the driver overspeed behavior occurs, managers can get instant alert notifications.

Driver's violation

The bus driver alternated with the passengers, not stop when arrive at the station, keep stoping for attract customers, let customers get off in half way, free parking outside the station passengers up and down, etc., there is no effective evidence to determine responsibility.


Public transport vehicle monitoring system includes vehicle positioning and speed of discriminant function, with a microphone voice systems and surveillance cameras, complete enough to determine responsibility, improve the efficiency of accident treatment. The bus stop station notice is behind.

The bus stop is behind

Parts of the lack of bus stops system, there is no accurate bus passengers real-time location query mode, low service, lead to directly the loss of a large number of customers.


Upgrade the vehicle stops system, establishing GPS precise and efficient bus positioning mode, pass on bus station in time, service people.

Attendance clock

Bus driver arrived at the attendance points, often need to get off to fill in attendance record form, low efficiency, inconvenience for service people.


Replace the attendance clock system, establish the modernized GPS vehicle attendance, vehicles arrive attendance automatically after clock in, the driver without any operation, no need stay but can complete clock in.

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