Public service vehicle management solution

private use of government vehicles

Government departments of official supervision loophole, private phenomenon is serious, not only affect the image of the government departments, also caused the wasteful spending.


Open government GPS systematic management plan, a key to monitor all official vehicles, 24 hours online all day, to strengthen the supervision of official.

Management Bug

There is a big loophole in the government's official vehicles. Public vehicles can't register in and out. When they are not aware, the official vehicles have been taken away privately.


Establishing GPS in and out of the system of check on work attendance, official vehicles in and out of the gate electronic automatic registration, form intelligent attendance report, strict on official private, abuse, tampering phenomenon.

Idle waste

The failure of the public transport vehicle to be used in a balanced manner resulted in the wear of some common vehicles; Maintenance of official vehicles is not in place, resulting in higher maintenance costs.


In the GPS system, timely access to parking lot idle vehicles and parking location, convenience for the scheduling.Background with vehicle maintenance reminder, can automatically detect the vehicle use frequency and the degree of wear and tear, timely send maintenance reminder.

Private information

Official travel case, use frequency, consumer habits, too retrieval speed and so on related information, administrators query difficulty.


GPS vehicle management system can provide transparent management reports, make managers to know in official usage.

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