Enterprise vehicle management planning

Traffic statistics does not reach the designated position

Lack of vehicle clock mechanism, statistical work does not reach the designated position.Vehicles not get effective regulation, private oil price is not controlled with chaos.


Make GPS intelligent management system, vehicle in and out of the automatic punching, perfect statistical work trains.Vehicle unified regulation, track record, to prevent private vehicles, reduce the unreasonable cost of car oil.

Missing key features

Once in a while on a business trip to a strange place, don't know the route.


One machine is multi-purpose, GPS vehicle system can locate the vehicle location, can also be based on the current vehicle position navigation route planning for.

Low management efficiency

Traditional corporate vehicle management on artificial management, all vehicles in and out of the registration and use should be manually registeryou, low management efficiency.


Farewell manual entry time, GPS vehicle management system can automatically generate vehicle in and out of registration, vehicle theft alarm, vehicle spare statistics and so on, into the era of vehicle intelligent management.

Vehicle maintenance is not in place

Traditional vehicle management pattern, not wait until the car broke down to maintenance, is to wait for time to maintain all vehicles together, cause maintenance than with the waste of resources.


GPS management plan to provide you with real-time vehicle management mode, it can be time to update all kinds of data of the vehicle, test vehicle state, and sends the vehicle maintenance alarm in time.

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