Private vehicle anti-theft management solution

The vehicle is stolen

In most of the parking lot for the car management having some bugs, , moreover tension for parking lots, and often parked on the side of the road monitoring, such as a corner area, increase the risk of car theft.


Using GPS positioning equipment vehicles to provide a full range of security mechanism, add the displacement alarm, electronic enclosures, ACC fire alarm anti-theft alarm function.

Route navigation and planning

In a big city or a strange place, don't even know where are you now, which is the right way ?


As long as you input the destination in the GPS locator software, it can automatically based on your current position navigation route for you, and can choose a variety of routes, or that specified by points, free customize route.

Information inquiry

In an unfamiliar circumstances, how to find the fastest nearby tourist attractions, hotels, restaurants, hospitals and other locations?


Using GPS locator software can search nearby information by click a key, also can display the corresponding location on the electronic map information.

Emergency Alarm

A flat tire while driving a vehicle accidents, such as, no oil, vehicle failure, mobile phone without electricity, how to request assistance?


When you are driving accidents need to help, you can press the GPS locator "SOS" alarm button, it will automatically dial your preset alarm telephone, and send them for information and the current position, seek a bailout.

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