Logistics industry solutions

Extensive transportation, many vehicles

Logistics companies have a wide range of business coverage, and the number of vehicles involved in logistics distribution is large, and the effect of manual management is not good.


GPS management solution to unified management of vehicles, real-time monitoring vehicles in all aspects, capture traffic data, improve vehicle management effect.

Speeding, fatigue driving hidden danger

Goods transportation is bitter and tired, speeding, fatigue driving vehicles such as illegal behavior is extremely safe hidden trouble for transportation personnel.


GPS solution with overspeed alarm system alarm, fatigue driving, calculation precision, alarm, sensitive, can immediately remind transport personnel, protector, vehicles and goods safety.

Car, oil guard against theft

Freight volume big value, whether goods are stolen or stolen car oil for transportation industry is a huge losses.


GPS system can real-time monitor the status of goods, provide exception alarm and alarm, but also unique oil monitoring system, once the abnormal oil can send relevant report to the police.

The carriage temperature is not controllable.

The lack of long distance transport system temperature monitoring system of the car, the driver and transportation personnel cannot grasp the compartment temperature, led to the loss of freshness of the goods.


Increase the GPS sensor with temperature control equipment, time measuring the internal temperatures of the car, when the temperature exceeds insurance coverage, take the initiative to send to transport personnel temperature anomaly report to the police.

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