Car rental industry solutions

Rental car regulatory dilemma

During the lease, the rental car will be used to cheat, steal and not return the car, the rent is not recoverable, driving beyond the agreed range, no effective regulation can be established.


Set up car management system, introducing risk control data, advance warning of vehicle violations, master vehicle dynamics, avoid car rental risk.

Luxury car “out of control”

Bad users rental luxury car, then completely lost after rent, information false, don’t know the vehicle track, that makes the investigation impossible.


Through positioning system, lock the luxury car location, 24 hours tracking, precise localization, safe and reliable.

High procurement cost

Recently, domestic car rental companies have skyrocketed, if only a small number of orders are not able to obtain more preferential collection prices.


Generally speaking, apart from you can get a good discount for bulk order, if you install gps tracker, it will improve the safety for vehicle, you can also get a more favorable purchase price.

Accident risk

Leasing vehicles once involved in criminal cases, civil economic disputes, as a crime tool, it is detained and sealed by the public security organ, and the car rental company has the risk of not getting the vehicle back.


In addition to the prior written agreement in the contract, the lessee meets all qualifications for the use of the leased vehicle. All losses and claims caused by lessee shall be borne by the lessee, and a refined operation mode can be established. Combined with traffic regulations and road safety regulations, improve the speed monitoring, fatigue driving monitoring, and avoid the risk of accidents.

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