SEEWORLD 15th Anniversary - SEEWORLD

SEEWORLD® Product Line

S5L - Fleet GPS Tracker with Fuel Sensor

R12L - 4G GPS Tracker for Fleet

S21L - Wireless Asset Tracker

R58L - OBD2 GPS Tracker

V7 - Dual Dash Cam 1080P

How Can SEEWORLD® Help You

SEEWORLD GPS tracking solution gives you the right tools to reduce unauthorized vehicle use and manage a productive fleet. Our IoT tracking products can be used for customized vehicle tracking requirements including but not limited to the following:

Car rental solution

Fleet management solutions

Trucking & logistics solutions

School bus management

Secure transportation solutions

Our GPS fleet tracking software can help businesses improve productivity and efficiency while also uncovering potential cost savings. WhatsGPS is the world’s leading vehicle GPS monitoring and management system, providing professional location service to users in more than 175 countries around the world.

Collision Alarm

If the vehicle is accidentally hit or flipped over, the device will send an alarm.

Remote Video Surveillance​

Monitor vehicle status in real time anytime, anywhere, vehicle damage can be proactively taken screenshots, real-time vehicle

Photo Search

One-key remote shooting, access vehicle environment photos, location information, and vehicle search easier.

ACC Detection

Use ACC detection to check if ACC is enabled.

Video Playback History​

Convenient and fast to remotely access the video files on the memory card.

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