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A new series of GPS tracker is launching now !

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01 Do you know what your customer wants?

According to the car rental global market report from Research and Markets, the customer normally needs to rent a car when travelling by own or doing road trips with family. Though the COVID-19 is still around us, with the help of massive vaccination progresses and restrictions eased, the car rental market is likely to recover at the end of this year.

Apparently, when travelling, the GPS signal is quite important. The company might check the location of the car from time to time just in case of stealing. However, when the car is driving to a place where the signal is not going well, it is easy to lose tracking.

The car accident is also the other reason the company might be worried about. The road trip is usually a long trip, people easily get tired or reckless during a long time driving. Therefore, we need some driving behavior analysis to remind the driver.

02 R11-Design for this!

Our SEEWORLD team researched the car rental market and we design R11 to meet the needs!

R11 is the first launched Razor series product. It is a 2G multi-functional positioning GPS tracker.

  • Brand new appearance, small but sophisticated.
  • 9-90 voltage, can be used for various types of vehicles such as motorcycle, car, van etc.
  • Support GPS + LBS positioning, no more worries about the signal.
  • The location transmission is fast and accurate while working.

03 How does R11 meet the needs?

Well, the R11 GPS tracker can be equipped with our cloud platform- WhatsGPS. This hardware together with software solution is able to meet the monitoring needs.

The R11 also supports driving behavior analysis, report when the driver is accelerating decelerating and turning sharply.

If you are interested about R11 or other products, please do not hesitate to let us know!

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