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Are Dash Cams Worth It or Not?

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Dash cameras have more uses than just posting wacky driving videos on YouTube, which is why people purchase them. Although having a dash cam won’t result in cheaper vehicle insurance costs, it can assist establish your innocence in an accident that would otherwise result in higher auto insurance costs.

This article will explain what a dash cam can accomplish for you and assist you in determining if it would be worthwhile for you to get one.

What Is a Dash Cam?

A dash cam is a little digital camera that mounts to the dashboard or windshield of your car. These cameras frequently resemble GoPros or smartphones in size. To save the video files that the cameras have recorded, an SD memory card is inserted. The dash cam starts recording over existing media when the memory is full.

Depending on the model, a dash cam can record in 720p, 1080p, and 1440p, and some are even capable of 4k quality. Other capabilities offered by dash cameras, such as night vision, round-the-clock vehicle surveillance, and real-time GPS tracking, may also be useful. In the era of smartphones, dash cameras may now be connected to your smartphone via an app, allowing you to see and download the dashcam’s footage.

How Much Do Dash Cams Cost?

When looking for dash cams, you have a few alternatives. For less than $100, you may get a camera with only the necessary recording functions. These dash cameras typically cost between $70 and $80.

However, you should prepare to pay extra if you want a dash cam with the functions covered in the previous section. Although more sophisticated dash cameras may cost at least $400, features like GPS tracking and parking video surveillance monitoring can aid in recovering your vehicle in the event of theft.

You can, however, also cross paths in the middle of the street. A dashcam with various functions, such as 4k, night vision, and in-car video surveillance monitoring, maybe about $200.

How Does a Dash Cam Work?

Dash cameras are placed facing the road on your dashboard or windshield, where they can capture every moment. They may be connected to the cigarette lighter outlet of your car because they are normally powered by 12-volt chargers.

If you want your dash cam to record activity when your car is parked, you may also have it linked to the electrical system. Dash cameras can pick up movements around your parked car as well as any damage it sustains. It is possible to transfer the video from the card to your computer or smartphone in case you need to utilize it after a car accident.

What Benefits Can a Dash Cam Provide?

Have Recorded Video Surveillance Footage of a Car Accident

This may be quite helpful, especially if you’re attempting to establish liability in an automobile accident. Car insurance providers can appropriately handle the vehicle insurance claim by identifying the at-fault motorist.

Car accident liability is important because the at-fault driver will be required to utilize their own auto insurance to cover the other motorist’s losses and damages. Videos captured by dash cams can facilitate faster processing of auto insurance claims.

It’s possible that you were stopped and given a ticket for something you didn’t do. It occurs; occasionally, a police officer may not see everything. You must provide them the information they omitted using the dash cam film.

The cost of auto insurance may rise due to a traffic infraction or penalty. Dash cameras are beneficial since they can help you prove your innocence and get the charge dropped.

Preventing Car Insurance Fraud

Some motorists will arrange collisions with you in order to receive compensation from your vehicle insurance. This is a typical vehicle insurance fraud that, according to estimates, results in stolen motor insurance payouts of $40 billion each year.

Dash cameras may be used to capture vehicle insurance fraudsters in the act. If the video evidence reveals the accused motorist making erratic turns or stops that lead them to crash into you or you to crash into them, a dash cam might be helpful. You may be able to use this video evidence to your advantage in court or with your auto insurer. Your vehicle insurance provider will not need to receive a claim from you, which lowers your premiums.

Become a Safer Driver

Dash cameras for cars have the additional benefit of continuously capturing while you are driving. Watching the video of your carefree Sunday drive might teach you a lot about your driving style.

Perhaps you catch yourself breaking a stop sign or racing up to an intersection and almost hitting someone. There is no better way to learn than by experiencing failure, and your dash cam allows you to do just that. A certain approach to receiving less auto insurance costs is to drive safely.

See How Other Drivers Fare

Your dash cam can record the driving patterns of any drivers in your home or who use your vehicle with you who are under the age of 25. Due to their inexperience behind the wheel, young drivers pay the most for auto insurance. As a result, individuals are more likely to be involved in an accident.

Some motorists decide to install additional dash cams, including two-way ones, in the vehicle of their teenage drivers. You may also witness the older driver’s driving if you have a dash cam.

Keep in Check With Your Parked Car

The dash cam’s standby camera, which records whenever activity is detected around the car, allows you to keep an eye on your vehicle while you are away. You could use your dash cam or an app to track where your car is going even if it were stolen.

Additionally, you can cooperate with the authorities and your auto insurance company. Using the video security tape, the police may assist you in recovering your vehicle, and your auto insurance company won’t increase your rates once they realize that you weren’t to blame for the incident.

Capture Valuable Video Footage

When your dash camera is functioning nearly nonstop, you can capture some incredible moments. You’ve seen all of the popular dash cam movies showing drivers having close calls with animals, objects, or other vehicles. The video of the deer darting out in front of your car may help you with the insurance company for your car.

What Are the Cons of Having a Dash Cam?

Dash cameras have many more advantages than disadvantages. By sharing videos of the collision, you can reduce the cost of your auto insurance. The majority of the time, your auto insurance rates won’t change if the dash cam footage proves that you weren’t the negligent driver in a collision.

But you need to be careful where you put your camera to avoid leaving a sizable blindspot. When it comes to installing dash cams, distraction is a major consideration. Another is the fact that dash cams are so visible and cannot be tucked away under the seats. Dashcams may become desirable to thieves as a result.

Finally, if your own dash cam film demonstrates that you were actually at blame for the event, it may be used against you in court. If you were certain that you weren’t the cause of it, this may be harmful.

Conclusion: Are Dash Cams Worth It?

Although installing a dash cam won’t have a direct impact on your auto insurance, it can indirectly keep your premiums in control by proving you weren’t to blame for an accident. Dash cameras may also be of great assistance when your vehicle is broken into or stolen. The dashcam footage could potentially be admissible in court, depending on the jurisdiction.

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