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Car GPS tracker makes taxi driving safer!

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Taxi is convenient for people's lives. It is very important to install a GPS tracker on a taxi or online car.

With the improvement of living standards, people’s travel scenarios are becoming more and more diverse. Taxi travel is an important part of the daily traffic of the public. From traditional cruise taxis to the birth of online car-hailing, it has continuously enriched the way of taxi rides, which further facilitates people’s travel, enhances the power of city services, and promotes economic and social development.

According to statistics, the number of ride-hailing users in China has increased to 285 million in 2018. I have to admit that car-hailing has become an important choice for the public.

However, whether it is a car ride or a taxi, the passenger flow is large and the source is complex, and it involves many aspects. In order to facilitate drivers and provide passengers with the best service, GPS locators can be installed on these vehicles. It has these benefits:

1. To the driver

The most obvious advantage of installing an on-board GPS locator on a vehicle is the ability to locate the vehicle at any time. Some GPS locators are also equipped with SOS one-key alarm. When the driver encounters an emergency or dangerous situation, you can quietly press the SOS button, the GPS locator will automatically send an alarm notification, and the administrator can immediately log in to the platform to view the vehicle location and track to ensure the driver’s safety.

2. For passengers

For passengers, the experience of riding a vehicle is very important. If you are in an unfamiliar place, encounter a driver of poor quality and make detours on the grounds of road closures, traffic jams, etc., or even speak rudely, which will often arouse passengers’ resentment.

When passengers encounter these situations, they can complain directly. The manager will check this GPS record to verify with the actual situation and time. If it is true, the driver will be punished.

3. For managers

Installing a GPS locator on the car can improve management efficiency for managers. On the platform, you can see the location of the vehicle on the map. When there is a dispute in an order, you can view the vehicle’s driving track playback at any time. Because the GPS platform can save the vehicle trajectory, speed and other information, so that users can view at any time. Almost every product can achieve this function, such as S102T.

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