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Delivery vehicles & packages are easy to be stolen? SEEWORLD GPS tracker come for help!

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Online shopping has now become a part of life that everyone can’t live without, but in the process of delivering express delivery, people are always worried about the loss of packages or the electric motorcycles.

In response to these problems, companies generally adopt the method of installing GPS trackers on delivery electric vehicles for tracking and management.

So how does the electric vehicle GPS locator solve the problem of package/vehicle’s anti-theft? SEEWORLD will explain to you. 

1. The delivery electric motorcycles are stolen?

Generally, the GPS tracker that install on the electric motorcycles is equipped with multiple alarm functions to prevent theft. For example, SEEWORLD S102T has power-off alarm, anti-dismantle alarm, GEO-fence alarm and so on. If the vehicle is unfortunately stolen, it can be tracked through real-time monitoring and remote power-off functions.

2.Delivery packages are stolen?

Since online shopping has become a part of daily life, the number of express packages has increased at a speed. Sometimes there are always some criminals who take advantage of the courier to get off the car to steal the package. In this case, GPS trackers can also come in handy! The light-sensitive alarm can sense the change of light and send off alarm to the platform. Or use the remotely voice recording function to find out the situation.

If you are interested about GPS tracker, please consult with our website customer service to know more details. 

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