Can Electric Motorcycles Use Wireless GPS Tracker?

Does GPS tracker have to be connected to a electric motorcycle’s battery?

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Have you ever wondered should we connect the GPS tracker to the electric motorcycle’s battery? Actually, it’s not necessarily. Generally speaking, wired GPS tracker won’t harm the battery, but if you’re really concerned about it, you can always switch to the wireless GPS tracker. Its benfits are as follows:

1.Strong magnetic adsorption

Wireless GPS trackers generally equip with strong magnets that can be directly attached to any position of the electric motorcycles, which can directly skip those complicated installation procedures.

2.Built-in battery

The wireless GPS tracker has a built-in battery, so it doesn’t need the battery of an electric motorcycle to supply power, and its own battery is sufficient for daily positioning.

3.Anti-detection and anti-disassembly

Some criminals deliberately disassemble the GPS tracker after stealing the electric motorcycles to avoid the owner’s tracking. However, the wireless GPS tracker is highly concealed due to strong magnetic adsorption and can be flexibly installed in any position to avoid detection by the criminals. 

But no matter what type of GPS tracker it is, as long as you feel that your needs can be met, and it’s suitable for your electric motorcycles. If you have any other questions, feel free to contact our SEEWORLD website’s customer service. 

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