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How often does the wireless car gps tracker locate?

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Wireless car gps tracker is a tracker with its own power supply. It generally sets the number of positioning times according to its own needs.

As we all know, wireless GPS tracker cannot connect to car power supply, but has its own power supply. Therefore, the power of the device is limited. At the same time, in order to prevent the device battery from being consumed quickly, wireless devices are rarely used for real-time positioning. Most of the real-time positioning are wired devices that can continuously supply power.

1. How often does the wireless device locate?

How often does the wireless GPS tracker locate? Generally, we generally set it once a day. Of course, the device is not limited to positioning once a day. If necessary, you can set several time points for returning positioning data by yourself, and you can also set real-time positioning. The only problem is that the positioner consumes very fast power and needs to be recharged every time. So if it is not very necessary, once a day is enough.

2. How to change the number of positioning

Wireless GPS trackers can naturally use remote operations to change the number of daily fixes. The user can also use the remote command operation using the phone SMS, APP, and PC. As long as the user sends a related setting instruction to change the positioning times, the device can convert to the corresponding positioning times according to the received instructions.

If you are buying a wireless device, I suggest that if not necessary, it is best to set it once a day to maintain the device’s long battery life.

3. The battery can be used for a long time.

I said that wireless devices have limited battery power, so they have limited working hours. Take Sward as an example. At present, the wireless car GPS tracker mainly includes standby for 100 days, standby for one year and standby for three years. Of course, this is basically based on the frequency of uploading once a day.

If users increase the number of uploads according to their usage, it will increase the power consumption and reduce the usage time.

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