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Magnetic GPS tracker vs. OBD GPS tracker: which one is better?

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With the wide use of GPS trackers, many car owners or companies that require multi-vehicle management demand for location tracking, anti-theft, anti-disassembly, and multiple alarms, so they will prose to install magnetic GPS tracker or other GPS trackers on the car.

At present, there are two types of GPS tracker are popular on the market. One is the magnetic GPS tracker and the other is OBD GPS tracker. So, which one is better than the other, and what are their respective strengths, let’s talk about them.

Magnetic GPS tracker

Magnetic GPS tracker is a wireless device. Due to the built-in battery and the magnet, the magnetic GPS tracker can attach to the bumper, trunk, spare tire and even seats of the car, so it’s converted.

Plus, with the natural anti-detection capability of the magnet, it also naturally enhances the anti-theft and anti-dismantling performance of strong magnetic GPS locators, such as SEEWORLD S15S18, they all have strong adsorption and multiple alarm functions, and it’s applicable to many industries.

In addition, the strong magnetic GPS tracker has no need to install, which reduces the difficulty of operation.

OBD GPS tracker

OBD is an on-board diagnostic system. It is the input and output interface of digital information for automobiles.

The most prominent feature of the OBD GPS tracker is that it does not need to connect through the wire, and it can directly insert into the OBD interface of the car and be properly functioning.

But the problem is that the criminals can easily find out the OBD interface and disassemble the OBD GPS tracker, which does no good to anti-theft.

But the superiority of the OBD GPS tracker is that it can analyze the collected car data and use it back to the car, such as customizing a car maintenance plan or changing the way of car insurance quotation. These functions are not available in magnetic GPS trackers.

However, from a general point of view, the magnetic GPS tracker is more popular on the market. One of the major reasons is that this tracker performs better in anti-theft and anti-disassembly, and its weakness can be complemented by other types of GPS trackers.

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