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The gps tracker chip determines the positioning effect

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GPS tracker is not expensive. It is placed in a hidden place in the car, and the owner can view the location information of the vehicle at any time through the network or mobile phone.

The reason why GPS tracker can locate the vehicle position is that its built-in the GPS tracker chip plays a vital role.

GPS tracker chip is a special technology chip, mainly used for location positioning. At the same time, it is also one of the key parts of the GPS global positioning system. Its performance determines the actual effect and performance of the positioning product terminal. Therefore, the quality of the GPS tracker chip is to a large extent the decisive factor that determines the performance difference of the GPS product, which is directly related to the positioning index and development prospects of the GPS positioning product.

From the development trend of GPS tracker, it can be seen that the characteristics of the products are smaller and smaller, which makes the GPS tracker chip, whether it is a GPS global positioning system or a GPS positioning product, achieve a step forward in reducing the volume.

“Miniaturization” is an important direction for the development of trackers. To achieve “miniaturization” requires that the GPS chip be smaller, but the most important factor should be the power consumption of the chip. Because, after disassembling a GPS tracker, the biggest component inside is not the GPS tracker chip and the communication module chip, but the battery.

In short, the larger the battery consumption of the positioning chip and the communication chip, the larger this battery will be made in order to increase the working time of the tracker. Assuming that the energy consumption of chip 1 is smaller than the energy consumption of chip 2, if you want to make a battery that can continue to work for four hours, and the battery material is the same, the battery size of chip 1 with less energy consumption will be smaller.

The current low energy consumption is the “three generation chips”, the most common “three generation chips” include the United States Sirf, SONY chip and Swiss NEMERIX chip, the three chips are similar, but not much different.

Compared with the second generation chip, the power consumption of the third generation chip has been reduced, and the size of the chip has also been reduced, and the anti-interference ability of the third generation chip has also been improved.

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