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The most hidden gps tracker for car

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 When customer service agents ask customers “what type of tracker do you need”, many customers answer that they want the most hidden gps tracker for car.

In order to achieve the most concealed, they often consider the smallest locator when purchasing a car locator. Because this is not so easy to be found by thieves, it can better protect the safety of car property.

So what kind of car locator is the most hidden? In fact, as the most hidden gps tracker for car, it should meet two conditions at the same time: the shape is hidden, and the signal is hidden.

1. Hidden shape

At present, in order to make the GPS locator realize hidden shape, they will choose to make the locator smaller and smaller, and strive to use the petite, mini body to achieve hiding effects.

Or work hard on the appearance of the device. Some locator companies will remove the company logo on the appearance of the locator and put on the label of “lightning arrester” to avoid the thief’s attention.

Other locators will pretend to be out of work. None of the three lights were on, and they were in a state of “fake death” to avoid the thief’s eyes.

2. Signal concealment

In addition to concealed appearance, signal concealment is also extremely important. Even if it is invisible to the eye, it needs to be concealed. After all, the signal can also be caught by people, so as to find the locator along it.

Some well-equipped thieves carry GPS signal detectors with them when committing crimes. When the GPS locator works, it will send signal transmission data, and as long as the locator sends a signal, the signal detector can accurately find the position of the locator.

At present, there are only two methods that can avoid the signal detected by the signal detector-anti-detection and anti-counterfeit base stations.

Anti-detection is mainly achieved by putting the positioner into a sleep state. When the locator enters the dormant state, it no longer actively transmits signals, so the detector cannot detect the position of the GPS locator.

The most hidden car locator needs to meet the above two conditions at least. At the same time combined with the installation position, your car GPS tracker is the most hidden!

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