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The personal personal gps tracker

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GPS trackers are most commonly used in cars. But besides cars, it can also be used on people. Children and old people are the most likely to be lost. Groups of children and elderly people with amnesia may find no way home when they go out.

In order to reassure family members and for the safety of this group, the family members can prepare a GPS locator for them. Faced with so many personal locators on the market, how should I pick a good product that is assured? The following points should be paid attention to when parents choose:

1. Small size and complete functions

In order not to let people easily find the locator, but also to make it easier for children and the elderly to carry. When choosing a personal locator, it is best to choose a smaller locator. However, although the size is small, the function of the positioner is not small. How do you know if there are fewer features? Know if there are common functions of GPS locator below. Personal GPS tracker generally has these functions: real-time positioning, remote listening, historical trajectory, two-way call, one-click help, electronic fence, low battery alarm.

2. Many positioning methods

Personal locators mainly rely on signals to work. In order to ensure good signals, the locator preferably has multiple positioning methods. If it is a GPS + Beidou + LBS triple positioning method, these three can be complementary. When a certain signal is not good, the locator can automatically switch to a strong signal positioning mode to work.

3.It is best to call

Some personal locators have a two-way call function. In fact, it is exactly the same as when we use a mobile phone to make a call. When a child has an accident, they can call the parents with one click.

The SEEWORLD S09 product is recommended here. The device is small and can be hidden concealed in children and the elderly. It has real-time positioning, global positioning, track playback, APP recording, electronic fence and other functions. He can quickly find the location of children or old people on the platform, improving safety.

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