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The Smaller The GPS Tracker, The Better?

The smaller the GPS tracker, the better?

Earlier articles mentioned that GPS locator is important for most users. Therefore, in order to improve the concealment and safety protection, the locator manufacturers will make the GPS locator as small as possible. The smallest GPS locator is not even the size of a fingernail, and some do n’t even have a shell, only a chip, which is directly implanted into the car circuit. How good is such a small GPS tracker? This article explores in the future:

Important points of GPS tracker:

For locators, the following factors are important:

① the professional level of the equipment platform; ② the quality and size of the GPS chip; ③ the technology of the built-in antenna; ④ later services.

Therefore, the smaller the GPS locator, the better. The volume has become smaller, and the relative GPS chip area has shrunk. The built-in antenna may be just a copper wire, and the components are crowded together. The interference of the components cannot be ignored, which directly affects the positioning accuracy.

The ultra-small GPS locator means that the possibility of a built-in battery is very small. The locator works completely dependent on the car’s power supply. Once the car’s power is cut off, the device cannot work and becomes completely waste.

It is even worse that the chip is directly soldered into the car wire tube, which may damage the car circuit, cause poor contact on the route, and even cause a fire.

In addition, for satellite positioning of big data, data processing technology also needs to be considered. Later GPS services can be said to account for half of the importance of GPS.

Of course, the ultra-small GPS locator is not completely without advantages. But as mentioned earlier, its biggest and only advantage is its concealment, making it difficult to find a car theft.

Therefore, when purchasing a GPS tracker, do not blindly choose a small GPS tracker, but choose a tracker with the most suitable functions and the right size. In this way, the concealment of the function has been achieved, and the best of both worlds.


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