What is the Vehicle Trace on the GPS Tracking System?

What is the vehicle trace on the GPS tracking system?

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One of the most important functions of a car GPS tracker is trace recording and playback. But those who do not understand GPS tracker and GPS positioning system still have many questions about the vehicle trace on the platform. 

Vehicle trace is the record of vehicle motion state data, including location, date, time, speed, etc. For vehicles installed with GPS tracking system such as WhatsGPS, the owners or enterprises can view the vehicle’s driving dynamics on the computer/mobile software platforms at any time. Various data such as vehicle driving area, speed, and parking time are clear at a glance. 

The GPS tracking system like WhatsGPS can automatically record the trace of the vehicle and keep the data for 6 months. So when the car owners need the data, the owner can retrieve the vehicle running trace at any time. 

Besides, if you see one section of the driving trace on the platform is a straight line, and it is inconsistent with the front and rear trajectory. That can be the 4 reasons as below:

1. The installation position of the car GPS tracker is inappropriate, and the installation position is close to the metal plate; 

2. The GPS signal at the location is weak, for example, when the car is driving into the dense buildings or high-speed sections.

3. Check the wiring of GPS tracker to make sure that the vehicle is driving and flaming out normally, and the equipment can power normally.

4. The device’s hardware have malfunctions, and the device restarts during use, resulting in the loss of device positioning data, which needs to be returned to the factory for processing.

If you have any other trace problems or you are interested in WhatsGPS tracking system, please consult with our website’s customer service. 

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