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Why does the SEEWORLD GPS tracker be a better option?

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There are many 4G GPS trackers in the market. But not all GPS trackers can achieve one point per second technique. Today, we would like to discuss why we suggest upgrading your device to SEEWORLD 4G tracker.

1. What is one point per second technique?

This tracking technique means the SEEWORLD 4G GPS tracker locates every second, while other GPS usually locates every ten seconds. 

Even though 4G network can achieve this application, most IoT companies do not solve the software and hardware adaption problem. This problem is why not every 4G GPS can make one point per second positioning.

2. Why does this technique matter?

The more frequently GPS locates, the more accurate tracking we will have. Therefore, when checking the past six months’ playback, we will find the car moves following the track exactly.

For example, precise tracking makes sure the company pays the correct bill if the payment is related to miles. On the other hand, when an accident happens, the playback system also helps to clarify who should take responsibility. 

Besides, with the support of this technique, the response of the alarm system  such as GEO-fence alarm and Over-speed alarm will be more timely. 

To be more specific, you can check your high-value cargo in long-distance transportation at any time. To some extent, the efficient alarm system makes the whole process work smoothly.

Check the one point per second tracking playback gif.

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