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Will GPS trackers damage the electric motorcycles’ battery?

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It has become a trend to install GPS trackers on electric motorcycles because GPS trackers can prevent theft. And it can also regulate driver’s behavior through a variety of alarm functions. But both ordinary electric motorcycles owners or companies are worried about a problem. Will GPS trackers damage the electric motorcycles’ battery? Or will the installation of a GPS tracker affect electric motorcycles?



In fact, the installation of a GPS tracker on an electric motorcycle has no bad effect on the battery. But if you find that your motorcycle has a situation such as battery power consumption becoming faster, or the battery is damaged after installing the tracker, you can check the reasons below.


GPS tracker’s power supply voltage is lower than the voltage of the electric motorcycles.

Some motorcycle owners only connect part of the battery when installing the GPS locator. For example, the electric motorcycle has four batteries. And some owners only connect the GPS tracker with the two of them. In this case, the uneven power consumption will cause battery damage. As a result, the battery capacity becomes lower, which seriously affects battery life. To solve it, you must first buy a GPS locator that meets your electric motorcycles voltage, such as SEEWORLD’s S102T.



Improper installation

Generally, GPS trackers that install on electric motorcycles are wired devices and need to connect with the battery to supply power. If the wiring is improperly operated or the wiring is incorrectly connected, the battery will be slowly damaged. Thereby, affecting the service life of the battery.



Improper use

Some electric motorcycles’ owners do not drive their car for a long time after installing GPS locators. Meanwhile, the GPS tracker is incessantly updating the location of the motorcycles. As time goes by, it will cause damage to the motorcycles. The best solution is to reset the update time and frequency through the GPS management system such as SEEWORLD “WhatsGPS” to prevent long-time damage.

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