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13 National "Computer Software Copyright" Registration Ce

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Recently, Guangzhou SEEWORLD Technology Co., Ltd. won the National Copyright Administration issued the “computer software copyright” registration certificate once again.?This means that Guangzhou SEEWORLD independent research and development system has once again made new development and breakthrough in the in the technology field of Internet automotive technology.

According to the Regulations on the Registration of Computer Software and the Measures for the Registration of Copyright of Computer Software, the copyright protection has been approved and registered by the State Copyright Bureau of the People’s Republic of China. From the date of the license, the copyright of the three system software will be effectively protected by the China Copyright Protection Center.

Plus this year the three system software copyright, our company has received a total of 13 system software copyright. They are:

Outstanding GPS positioning system (android) [referred to as: outstanding GPS] V1.0:

Outstanding GPS positioning system (IOS) [referred to as: outstanding GPS] V1.0:?

SEEWORLD things network vehicle background management system V1.0:?

SEEWORLD car network information Acheter Penegra 100mg en Belgique avec livraison management platform (Android version) V1.0:

SEEWORLD car network information management platform (IOS version) V1.0:?

iTrack GPS information positioning monitoring management platform V1.0:

iTrack GPS device user management system V1.0:?

iTrack background vehicle management system V1.0:?

iTrack background user management system V1.0:?

iTrack GPS equipment sales system V1.0:

SEEWORLD users insight into the platform order management system V1.0:锟斤拷

Slade product development platform engineer demand management system V1.0:?

SEEWORLD user test task reward management system V1.0:?

The acquisition of these certificates is a milestone in the work of the Internet computer software intellectual property, which is conducive to protecting the company’s own intellectual property rights, enhance core competitiveness, open up the market, and strengthen the “Keep Moving and Keep Fighting ” This brand image has a positive impact, but also provide healthy and sustainable development as well as a strong backing for the SEEWORLD platform.
For the car positioning service company, completely having independent intellectual property rights of the software system, is its strong technical strength of the symbol, moreover, it is a strong expression of “fixed positioning the world” customer service rules.?With independent intellectual property rights platform software system, it not only can guarantee the safe operation of the platform, but also to protect the information on both sides from stealing by hackers, embodying the superior competitiveness of the industry and maintaining the platform stable and healthy development.
SEEWORLD will also develop more independent intellectual property rights of technology for the majority of users with more secure products and convenient professional service experience.

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