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Congratulate SEEWORLD BEIDOU Project Pass Industrial Technology Audit

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Warmly congratulate Guangzhou Kaufen Tadalista 10mg in Osterreich mit Lieferung SEEWORLD Technology Co., Ltd. Declaration Project-” Immediate Location BEIDOU Platform” successfully pass Guangzhou Industrial Technology major tackling plan (key technical topics of the future industry) review! Zhongshan University, Guangzhou Women and Children Medical Center, Guangzhou Academy of Sciences Computer Network Information Center, Guangdong State Optoelectronics Co., Ltd have been approved at the same time.

Guangzhou 2018 Industrial Technology major tackling plan, is our city vigorous promotion development strategy of innovation drive, the aim of which is to nurture and layout of our city’s future industrial development, speed up economic development, the construction of modern industrial systems, the formation of echelon development of industrial structure and new competitive advantages, to achieve economic and industrial development from the run to and run, leading the transformation of the Guangzhou future industry key technology.

In response to the call of Guangzhou, building blocks for the innovation and development of our city, SEEWORLD combined with the operation of the reality, to exert their expertise, and actively applied for “smart city immediate location BEIDOU operation platform” project, to join the intelligent transportation construction.

It is understood that the SEEWORLD immediate positioned BEIDOU platform is based on the BEIDOU location of the data service platform, it can provide different application systems proprietary business data intelligent transmission channels and data value-added services.

The core function of the platform is real-time data transmission. It relies on all kinds of data collected by the terminal, and transmits the real-time monitoring service through the real time data transmission service to each service system. Platform real-time data transmission service provides development middleware to simplify application system development.

Guangzhou SEEWORLD Technology Co., Ltd. Liu always said: “Immediately positioning BEIDOU platform is to solve existing technology in the single information transmission, data statistics exist defects, platform operation complex difficult and other existing problems. It will be the traditional automotive industry and Internet industry combined to achieve information sharing.” It can carry on the processing, computation, sharing and safe transmission of the information on the Information network platform, and effectively guide and supervise the vehicle according to different function demands, and provide professional multimedia and mobile Internet Application Service, which is a kind of intelligent information management system based on mobile vehicle. 锟斤拷

According to the person in charge, immediate positioning is a set of very large load system, the system to deal with a large number of data parameters each day through the parsing, storage, operation, distribution, and a series of processes to achieve the complete processing of the entire parameter.

In order to achieve the perfect data processing effect, through a series of optimization design, immediate location BEIDOU running platform finally achieve a stable 7×24-hour operation. At present, the platform support the number of access devices 200,000, the number of concurrent users to support up to 20,000 people.

The BEIDOU operation platform can be adapted to a variety of data transmission methods, and support all kinds of equipment data access. Open architecture mode in data-driven mode with more flexible access.

It is understood that the BEIDOU operation platform immediately located in the data acquisition program before the report, need to be in the BEIDOU public platform for authentication, through the data can be reported. In addition, the platform using internal protocol code of streaming transmission and calibration and mechanism, to avoid plaintext transmission caused by information leakage.

Liu always pointed out: “Our platform (immediate positioning) is different, because we pay more attention to data security.” Locating BEIDOU platform immediately is a public-oriented platform, and data security is very important. Therefore, the Data acquisition program provides a variety of ways to ensure the security of data transmission. In the era of internet large data, it is important to maintain the security of customer’s personal data. 锟斤拷

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