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Congratulate SEEWORLD To Become A Member Of ITS Guangdong Province

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In the September 20, 2017 morning, the third (2017) South China Intelligent Transportation Forum (Severn) was held in Carvill Hotel, Guangzhou, jointly organized by the Guangdong Provincial Intelligent Transportation Association (ITS) and the transport network. During this forum, the new membership list of the Guangdong Provincial Association of Intelligent Transportation was announced. Guangzhou SEEWORLD Technology Co., Ltd. was fortunate to pass the “Guangdong Intelligent Transport Association Charter” Audit, in the meeting, Guangzhou SEEWORLD Technology Co., Ltd. officially become the Guangdong Province Intelligent Transport Association member units! 

The ITS Guangdong was established in February 2012, is the industry establishment time earlier, the influence larger industry organization. This “South China intelligent Traffic Feast”, is held by both the ITS Guangdong Province and the Competition Literature Network Union.

The management and technical staff of Guangdong Provincial Traffic and Transportation Department, Guangdong Provincial Public Security Bureau, Traffic Administration department and Guangzhou Municipal Transportation Commission will join in the meeting and have communication together. Due to the unprecedented coverage and impact areas of this forum, therefore it attracted many industry personage, including TECENT CLOUD Senior architect TENG YIFAN, DIDI travel wisdom Transportation expert algorithm engineer SUN WEILI, GAODE Traffic Management Solution Division senior Business development expert WU WEI. These three biggest Internet company’s top technical personnel all attends the forum to exchange , with more than 300 participants, breaking the original budget size.

Because the content covers a wide range, the forum last for two days. A large-scale thanksgiving dinner was held during the period, and issuing a certificate for “The Guangdong Provincial Intelligent Transportation Association 2016-2017 Top Ten members” and “2016 Guangdong Province intelligent Traffic Performance ten”, as well as announcing the ITS Guangdong Province new membership list.

SEEWORLD pledged to help intelligent transportation, to implement the national “Development of Intelligent transport industry” policy, to promote the regulation of the market, maintain market order and fair competition, in order to strengthen cooperation with the industry and scientific research institutions, contacts and exchanges, and SEEWORLD will actively participate in the construction of intelligent transportation. SEEWORLD will establish a close horizontal cooperative relations with enterprises under the guidance of government departments, sharing and integration of resources, and jointly promoting the industry’s technological progress, accelerating the field of intelligent transportation, information development process, to contribute for the development of intelligent transportation in our province.

As of now, our application for the “intelligent city of the immediate positioning Beidou platform” project has been formally passed Guangzhou Industrial Technology major Research plan audit. Our immediate positioning platform can break the tradition, connecting the automotive industry with the Internet industry, achieve the integration of information sharing, so that the car to form an intelligent network, which can help “internet + Transportation “, in order to achieve” intelligent traffic management “,” internet travel ” by a modest extent.

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