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Congratulations on the SEEWORLD company smoothly through the certification of intellectual property rights

  February 2017,With the implementation of”intellectual property management norms”mobilization conference held,The work of implementing standards has also been officially launched.After eight months of intense work,finally,SEEWORLD have good news in October 13,2017–SEEWORLD TECHNOLOGY CO.,Ltd.not only formally passed the”enterprise intellectual property management norms”national standards audit and certification,but also won the ZHONGGUI(BEIJING)CERTIFICATION issued by the”intellectual property management system certification.”.

     After the implementation of the Convention,SEEWORLD staff actively cooperate with the implementation of quality management,In Oct.13th,our company officially passed the certification of intellectual property management system.Our intellectual property management system conforms to the standard GB/T 29490-2013,the company certificate number is 18117IP1417ROS.The valid time from October 13th,2017 to October 12th,2020.

   So far,SEEWORLD Technology company have applied for and obtained 6 patents(Among them,1 invention patents,2 outward style patents,3 new practical patents),43 registered trademarks,13 software copyrights.In the daily management work,we have implemented the requirements of the”standard implementation”.The successful certification of this standard is the affirmation of SEEWORLD intellectual property management system.In the future,SEEWORLD will make positive contributions to speed up the construction of leading intellectual property Province in Guangdong Province,and build information technology industry and domain name trading platform technology innovation alliance!


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