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SEEWORLD held a mobilization meeting of enterprise IPR

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In order to build the advantages of Seeworld’s own brand,and to lead the GPS positioning industry technology innovation,Guangzhou Seeworld Technology Co.,Ltd.held a implementing mobilization meeting of锟斤拷Management specification of enterprise intellectual property rights(IPR)锟斤拷in July 19th,2017.

 General manager Liu Dehai,deputy general manager Tian Fei Zuo,heads of each department,IPR managers and other related staffs have participated in the Seeworld Technology Co.,Ltd.mobilization meeting.Mr.Lai Zaiyong,Senior Standard Commissioner consultant of Huajin United Patent Trademark Kobe Snovitra Super Power i Danmark med levering Agency Co.,Ltd.attended the meeting. Liu Dehai,general manager of Guangzhou Sword Technology Co.,Ltd.made an opening speech and delivered an important speech,Mr.Liu expressed a high degree of recognition on related management of IPR of United Patent Trademark Agency Co.,Ltd.At the same time,Seeworld,as a high-tech Enterprises,and the benchmarking company in the future car industry,should take the lead role in doing Standard work,to be a good example of forming a scientific and effective management of IPR.

 According to implementation of锟斤拷Management specification of enterprise IPR锟斤拷and leading the industry to technological innovation,General Manager Liu Dehai pointed out the important idea in the meeting:Standard will help to establish a scientific and effective management of IPR and be good for enterprises to establish a sound IPR management system.Standardizing the work of IPR,can support enterprises to continuously improve innovation and development capacity.Through the Standard activities,it can not only make the company add innovation and vitality,more importantly,promote company business and management model to achieve the market convergence and international convergence.Qualification is the increasing value of the company锟斤拷s reputation,as well as conducive to enhancing the company锟斤拷s brand image.At the same time,it can enhance company锟斤拷s market competitiveness,which makes the company be invincible in the increasingly fierce market competition.

 And then锟斤拷Mr.Lai Zaiyong,Senior Standard Commissioner consultant,carried out on the content of the explanation of Standard.Mr.Lai Zaiyong used the vivid examples to lead into the theme of the subject,explaining of the basic meaning of IPR,development,significance and standard work process in details,and elaborating the core work of IPR from the establishment of Standard system,operating mechanism,policy system,application process and other aspects.At the end of the IPR mobilization meeting,Mr.Liu announced general manager and team member list of Sword’s IPR work and made sure the exact responsibilities of the relating members.

 The successful conclusion of the mobilization conference marks the official launch of the IPR management system of Seeworld Technology Co.,Ltd.Seeworld will establish a comprehensive IPR management system through the systematic and standardized management of IPR,standardizing the various IPR activities,enhancing the company’s IPR management level,and improving the company’s core competitiveness of the market,to maintain and consolidate the company’s competitive advantage.

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