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SEEWORLD newest VI Logo,it’s an attitude of seeking novelty and change

As you can see,SEEWORLD have entered the tenth year of development.In order to make the brand contemporaneity,we have upgraded the VI in an all-round way. 

  SEEWORLD Newest VI,“S”tarting from the heart


Science and technology as a concept,Blue color as the base,according to location,new corporate logo fully demonstrates SEEWORLD’s brand concept of“Breakthrough technology,Leading the future”

   The”S”in the shape divides the circle into two parts to form a Yin-Yang map through artistic deformation.Soft in rigidity,to showing that the enterprise culture and career development Yin and Yang embrace,coordinate with each other.At the same time,”S”also represents the English name of the SEEWORLD brand,looking at the world with heart.

   The basic element of VI composition is positioning shape,which is tally with the characteristics of the enterprise industry.It also fits well with the product concept of”focus,extreme and public praise”that Mr.Liu Dehai,the founder of SEEWORLD,has always emphasized.At the same time,the shape of positioning is also a pattern of water droplets.Droplets and stones are worn through,which symbolizes the spiritual style of all SEEWORLD to unite and strive for a better future.

   Blue selection,color calm,emphasis on technology,efficient brand image,while blue is the color of the sea,combined with young,free,open,integrated business characteristics.

   Overall,SEEWORLD changed not only VI,but also an innovative,aggressive attitude.Most important of all,SEEWORLD has never stagnated on the road to upgrading and evolution.

   There are many variables in the future of Vehicle Networking,But,SEEWORLD always SEEWORLD,always seeking novelty and change.


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