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SEEWORLD Officially Joined in ITS!

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After the omnibearing investigation of Guangdong Province Intelligent Transportation System Association (ITS), SEEWORLD finally passed ITS membership assessment successfully by the high votes number, and now, has officially joined the ITS Guangdong.

 The purpose of ITS Guangdong lies in: under the leadership of the government department, facing the enterprise, establishing the bridge between the government and the enterprise, promoting the horizontal contact and cooperation between enterprises; Promoting industry technology progress and industrial resources integration, pushing production, study, research cooperation, international exchanges and cooperation, speeding up the information and intelligence process in the field of transportation and safeguarding the lawful rights and interests of the industry and members legally, to work hard for the development of intelligent transportation in our province.

As the influential industry organization which set up earlier, the ITS Guangdong was founded in February 2012, which is a non-profit, professional and local social organizations. Up to now, there are nearly hundreds of members, covering tertiary institutions, corporate enterprises, internet, IOT and other fields.

At the initiation ceremony, SEEWORLD general manager Jack briefed company’s operating conditions in recent years to everyone, as well as the company’s assets and risk control situation, and made the company development prospects in the field of intelligent transportation in the future. The Council of the Association gave a high degree of affirmation and praise to this, and hope that SEEWORLD can go forward step by step, with steady development, in the pursuit of compliance development, while adhering to its own positioning.

Jack expressed that after joining in the association, SEEWORLD will actively abide by the national policies, regulations and regulatory requirements. SEEWORLD will actively implement the guidelines of ITS Guangdong, and adhere to manage legally, resolutely not touching the policy clear “Red line”, “bottom line”, and consciously practicing the general Tonghui Finance. SEEWORLD will stick to real services to the real economy, and constantly consolidate business wind control level and security technology, to avoid loopholes and eliminate violations, bringing more security, convenient financial services for investment and financing at both ends under the spirit of sunshine and transparent business purposes.

SEEWORLD joins the ITS, which shows that the company made a big step forward in the intelligent transportation, having a significant milestone significance.

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