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SEEWORLD Tracking Platform Provide a Good Fuel Monitoring Solution for Freight Logistics

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In the freight logistics enterprises, due to cross-provincial cross-city goods transport en route to the vehicle cargo fuel consumption can not be regulated, the truck car with high oil, goods lost, with high car costs and other phenomena.

These problems make business operators a headache; often managers know that the problem exists, but there is no evidence to check, trucks running outside every day, look at the accounting statements, profits just can not go up.

In order to help freight logistics enterprises properly solve the above problems and maximize the benefits enterprises, SEEWORLD launched freight logistics supervision solutions dedicated to achieving freight logistics’ high efficiency, low cost, safety, and security of these three goals.

The Security of the Truck

In order to prevent theft of cargo and gasoline, our SEEWORLD tracking platform is equipped with a holistic alarm mechanism, which is equivalent to adding an “anti-theft lock” to the truck to protect the vehicle, cargo, and gasoline safety in all aspects.

Accurately grasping the total fuel consumption of vehicles, refueling, oil leakage, and other related parameters can put fuel consumption management into practice, so that fuel consumption is no longer a confused account.

Electronic fence defends against theft in accident-prone places and immediately reminds drivers of cargo safety once they enter dangerous areas.

Visual Scheduling of Trucks

Since trucks generally have such characteristics as wide cross-region, strong mobility, and long distance, they need to realize efficient truck dispatching on the basis of ensuring the goods arrive on time, for which SEEWORLD provides a vehicle visualization dispatching portal to help enterprises improve truck deployment efficiency. The features of our platforms include:

  • Real-time positioning of freight logistics vehicles and visualization of vehicle distribution
  • Intelligent planning of transportation routes to ensure that goods arrive on time
  • Distribution scheduling based on the real-time location of the truck to improve operational efficiency

Big Data Analysis for Truck Logistics

There are still many blind spots in the trucking process that need to be filled, for which SEEWORLD can help enterprises to conduct intelligent data analysis, clearly grasp the progress of the freight logistics process, and improve the efficiency of the business with the support of data.

  • Real-time monitoring of distribution data and automatic generation of data reports
  • Big data analysis of logistics transportation exists inefficient, high-cost links and to solve
  • Make up for the blind spots and shortcomings in the regulation of freight logistics and the transportation process


Under the new development pattern, the construction of intelligent transportation is fast and steady, and new industries and new modes are blossoming with the help of digital empowerment to promote more efficient freight logistics and effectively improve the efficiency of freight operations and reduce costs to achieve a win-win situation for all parties.

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