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The Big Role of SEEWORLD in Infield Vehicle Management at the 2022 Qatar World Cup

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A fan’s feast! The first match of the 2022 World Cup will be held on November 21 at Al Bayt Stadium in Al Khor Park, Doha, Qatar.

The World Cup is undoubtedly an event to relax and enjoy sports. However, behind the scenes, organizing an event of this magnitude requires a great deal of logistical work to keep everything running smoothly. With a total of eight venues in Qatar, the fleet of vehicles operating between the stadiums and within the stadiums is using SEEWORLD fleet management digital solutions to keep the fleet moving in an organized and efficient manner.

What is the role of SEEWORLD products in Qatar World Cup infield vehicle management? Here we take a look at it.

World Cup Stadium Vehicle Management

Can quickly and accurately lock the vehicle location, real-time view of the vehicle’s geographic location, driving information, background management personnel through the platform can also view the vehicle’s historical driving trajectory at any time, unified management of vehicles, improve vehicle driving efficiency.

Efficient Vehicle Dispatching

Our fleet tracking solution reduces costs and increases efficiency. The platform can monitor all vehicles at the same time, and the distribution of vehicles in the region at a glance, according to the vehicle-intensive situation reasonable scheduling, to achieve the purpose of efficient use of vehicles, while reducing human scheduling oversight.

Route Planning

The electronic fence can be set up for the standardized vehicle driving range, and the alarm will be sent when the vehicles enter and leave the fence, which can effectively regulate the driving route of drivers and also regulate the management of vehicles in the World Cup.

Multi-Safety Monitoring

When the vehicle is in the process of driving speed, abnormal vibration, long time stay, and other behavior, the device will upload alarm information, and the background management personnel according to the platform alarm, prompt the driver to drive safely, effectively reducing the risk of accidents.

SEEWORLD Provides Dynamic IoT Digital Solutions

Science and technology have become powerful driving forces in the development of sports events. Beyond the World Cup, the application of IoT technology is also being shown in thousands of industries, helping the world to run to a better future together.

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