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S06L – Multi Interface 4G GPS Tracker

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SEEWORLD S06L vehicle GPS tracker is a multi-interface 4G tracker that supports ACC ignition, built-in 100mah battery, external disconnection alarm function, real-time tracking, remote power-off function, support for monitoring and recording functions, and support for light sensor.

It also provides over-speed alarm, electronic fence, low-power alarm and other functions.


Product Description

GEO fence alarm:Set fence alarms with SMS commands to provide a safety net for your vehicle or other assets.

Remote oil cut:The system sends a power-off command, and the relay disconnects the power of the ignition device to achieve vehicle stall.

ACC detection:The vehicle is connected to the ACC line and users can view the vehicle status on the system. ACC on, on behalf of vehicle ignition, ACC off, on behalf of the vehicle stall.

Overspeed alarm:When the speed of the vehicle exceeds the overspeed speed value set by the platform, the overspeed alarm is triggered, and the device will send an alarm signal to the GPS monitoring platform.

Power Off alarm:If the GPS Tracker encounters a forced damage, such as cutting a cable, the locator will push an alarm message for the power failure alarm to the system.

Vibration alarm
Vibration alarm:After the device enters the armed mode,the device detects the vehicle vibration,triggers the vibration alarm and sends an alarm signal to the GPS monitoring platform.

Remote listening
Remote listening:Send the SMS code to the mobile phone number bound to the device, and the device can be pulled back to enable remote listening.

SOS alarm
SOS alarm:As long as you press the button,the SOS alarm will be triggered,and the alarm signal will be sent to the GPS monitoring background.

Additional Information

重量 0.06 kg
尺寸 8.4 × 4.2 × 0.98 cm







Class 12,TCP/IP

Working times

8 hours

Chip specification

Ublox M8030

Positioning accuracy

<5 meters

Support input voltage range


TTFF(Open Sky)

Avg.hot start ≤1s; Avg.cold start ≤30s

Working temperature

-20℃ ~ +70℃

Data storage quantity



Motorcycle, AUTOMOTIVE

Installation instructions
1 SIM card installation

Open the face shell according to the instructions in figure 1 and load the SIM card. The device USES the SIM card of standard specification.
1) Wiring instructions
The device has three sets of interfaces, interface 1 for microphone connection, interface 2 for power supply connection, and ACC detection and relay.Interface 3 is used to connect the SOS keys. Interface 2 is a 4-core wire, which are relay wire (yellow), power positive pole (red), power negative pole (black), and ACC detection wire (green).



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