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Inaccurate positioning of GPS trackers for electric motorcycles?

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Nowadays, many people will install GPS trackers on their electric motorcycles. Doing so can not only improve the anti-theft performance, and also track the electric motorcycles after them being stolen. But some friends are asking, how to solve the inaccurate positioning of GPS trackers for electric motorcycles?

Generally, there may be 3 reasons for the inaccurate GPS positioning of electric vehicles.

1. The GPS tracker is not installed properly.

The installation position of the GPS tracker will affect the signal of the tracker. So usually you can’t install it in a closed or covered place of the electric motorcycles.

We highly recommend you to install the GPS tracker behind the license plate, and make sure the antenna is facing the sky, so that the signal can be maximized.

2. The parking position is not well.

The signal of the GPS locator for electric motorcycles will be affected by many factors, such as the impact of high-rise buildings or dense forests, weather conditions, electromagnetic interference, etc.

In order to eliminate these factors, it is best to park the electric motorcycles in a relatively open place with no electromagnetic interference nearby, which can effectively reduce the error of the electric motorcycles tracker.

3. Poor GPS tracker quality.

If the inaccuracy of the GPS tracker is a long-term phenomenon, it is necessary to consider whether the product itself has quality problems. 

Try to choose big brands with recognized qualifications and praise from many customers. So not only the GPS tracker for electric motorcycles have guarantees, but also the after-sales service will be considerate.

Here, we recommend you to choose SEEWORLD S102T. It’s a small-sized GPS tracker made for electric motorcycles. And it equipped with the real-time monitor, remote flame-out, over-speed alarm, power-off alarm and so on. If you are interested, please contact with the website customer service.

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